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Small packages of aquatic products show business opportunities

marine aquatic products are closely related to people's lives, rich in flavor and nutrition. Some nutrients are richer than pig, cattle, poultry and egg foods, and the price is cheap. They are increasingly being consumed. Is it a ball screw or a trapezoidal screw? Welcome to the consumer before making a decision. According to the "2003 statistical bulletin of China's marine economy" released by the State Oceanic Administration for the first time to the public, the total output value of China's marine products exceeded the 1007.771 billion yuan mark for the first time in 2003, The added value of marine products is 4455.54 (Z yuan; calculated at comparable prices, it increased by 9.4% over the previous year, and continued to maintain a higher growth rate than the national economy in the same period, equivalent to 3.8% of GDP. The economy of the marine region continued to develop rapidly, with the total output value of the marine industry in the Yangtze River Delta economic zone being the highest, exceeding 300billion yuan for the first time.

however, at present, aquatic products are still in urgent need of deep processing, and there is an urgent need to solve the packaging of all kinds of aquatic products, especially small packaging

With the development of catering industry and the demand of wholesale markets and chain supermarkets, the relevant person in charge of the national development and Reform Commission said that the sales of aquatic products increased significantly. Small packages are especially favored by families and small and medium-sized catering industries because they are easy to handle and store, easy to sell on shelves, less ice, and reasonable prices

small package of semi-finished aquatic products

due to the rapid growth of the output of aquatic products, aquatic products that cannot be processed deeply in the near future need to be processed into semi-finished products. Small packages are not only convenient for handling, but also convenient for reprocessing and marketing

small gift packages for aquatic products

according to the improvement of people's living standards, small gift packages have developed rapidly. The small package of aquatic products is almost blank. The small packaging of aquatic products should be "a new force". First, it should highlight the characteristics of convenience, practicality and ready to eat. Consumers do not need to carry out secondary processing. The second is to highlight the characteristics of festivity, auspiciousness and novelty, so that both the giver and the recipient can love and welcome

packaging of aquatic products flavor snacks

with the change of people's pace of life, at present, there are often small stalls selling aquatic products flavor snacks in the evening or in the streets of busy areas, which are roasted and sold now, such as iron plate squid, which are particularly popular with citizens. However, setting up stalls on the side of the road is not only unhygienic, but also affects the appearance of the city. Aquatic products should be processed into small packages for sale. This requires aquatic products to have many varieties, according to the flavor of 3D7 authentic, different tastes, which can adapt to consumers at different levels and regions; it also requires small packages with high quality and exquisite decoration, which can play the role of publicity and beautification of products, arouse consumers' appetite to buy and promote sales

small packaging is small, but as long as we carefully do a good job in the big article of aquatic product packaging and give full play to the functions of packaging, it will play an important role in promoting the sales of marine products, improving the level of marine industry and promoting the development of marine economy, so that the marine industry will become a new highlight of national economic development

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