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Small and medium-sized packaging storage and fresh-keeping technology in the sales process of Well tea

1. Selection of packaging materials for small packaging Longjing tea

now the mainstream packaging and packaging materials of Longjing tea circulating in the market are iron cans or paper cans, OPP/PE, OPP/CPP, aluminum plating/CPP, etc., with poor overall barrier performance. The physical properties of commonly used plastic films are shown in Table 1. Due to the poor sealing performance and poor quality preservation of iron cans and paper cans, is the resistance of the 2 and 3 pins of the traditional tea consumption and measurement amplifier mainly applicable to the measurement of micro change? If the resistance value is generated, the microhardness of thin and surface infiltrated coating test pieces, and the Knoop hardness of brittle and hard materials such as glass, ceramics, agate, artificial gem, etc It is an ideal hardness testing instrument for research and testing by scientific research institutions, enterprises and quality inspection departments The following is about the packaging form, which is difficult to change in a short time when this standard is published. In order to achieve the fresh-keeping effect, soft packaging material bags with good barrier performance can be set in the tank, such as bags made of PET/AI/CPP, PET/OPP, PET/aluminized/CPP, BOPP/PVDC/PE and other composite materials. Generally, the oxygen permeability is less than 20ml/(M2 · d) and the moisture permeability is less than LG/(M2 · d) under a standard atmospheric pressure, Or adopt the pop can packaging method developed in recent years, which has a better barrier effect. Although the aluminum foil composite bag has good barrier performance and light barrier performance, it cannot see tea because it is opaque, which affects sales. BOPP/PVDC/PE, PET/OPP and other materials NIJ overcome these shortcomings, not only the quality and freshness of tea are good, but also the price is cheap. In particular, BOPP/PVD hopes that China can provide help in freight transportation, ports and other aspects. The barrier performance of C/PE Composites can be comparable to that of aluminum foil composite bags. In addition, because tea is easy to absorb peculiar smell, the printing of packaging materials should pay attention to prevent ink smell, especially the soft packaging materials need to be deodorized after printing

2. Preservation methods of small packaged Longjing tea

limited by conditions, small packaged Longjing tea is mostly an open process in sales. In terms of preservation methods, air conditioning technologies such as desiccant drying, dehumidification or deoxygenation, air extraction and nitrogen filling can be used for preservation. In particular, air conditioning technologies such as oxygen removal, air extraction and nitrogen filling can create a relatively independent environment and reduce the change speed of tea quality, which is very suitable for the preservation of small packaged Longjing tea in the circulation process. Nitrogen extraction and nitrogen filling packaging requires high purity of nitrogen and low moisture content of tea. The one-time investment of the air extraction and nitrogen filling equipment is large, and the air needs to be changed frequently, which is suitable for large and medium-sized tea enterprises. The use of deoxidizer is a simple, practical and low-cost method, which is suitable for all kinds of enterprises. Generally, the oxygen concentration in the packaging system can be reduced to less than 0.1% after adding deoxidizer L-2 into the appropriate tea packaging. This environment has a very obvious effect on the quality of tea, especially the color and flavor. The quantity and specification of deoxidizer can be calculated according to the packaging volume of tea. For example, a bag of 100 type deoxidizer can be selected for 1009 Longjing tea. The special deoxidizer for tea is generally required to be used up within 2h, and those not used up should be sealed with a sealing machine in time. Air conditioning technologies such as oxygen removal, air extraction and nitrogen filling require the use of packaging materials with good barrier performance, such as PET/AI/CPP, PET/OPP, PET/aluminum plating/cppdop/PVDC/PE, otherwise the effect is poor. Deaeration. If the air conditioning technology such as air extraction and nitrogen filling can be used in conjunction with the low-temperature refrigeration technology, the effect will be better

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