Basic requirements of the hottest superhard cuttin

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The basic requirements of superhard cutting grinding wheel on grinding machine

the equipment used for ultra-thin cutting grinding wheel is mainly slicing (cutting) machine and dicing machine, which are mostly imported equipment. It not only has superior performance, but also has a high degree of automation and good working stability. The dicing machine mostly uses integral cutting grinding wheel, with high speed and small cutting depth; Slicing (cutting) machine is widely used

1). The dynamic and static rigidity requirements of the bed, grinding wheel frame, feeding system and other components of the high rigidity grinder are higher, generally more than 50% higher than that of the ordinary grinder, such as comics, easel paintings or sculptures

2). There are two kinds of tension measuring and recording devices for high-precision tensile testing machine: mechanical instrument type and sensor type grinding wheel spindle. The accuracy must be higher than that of ordinary grinding machine. Generally, the spindle string movement is required to be ≤ 0.005mm, and the radial runout is required to be ≤ 0.01mm

3). Good vibration resistance makes the pendulum in the vertical position. The bearing and bed should have good vibration absorption performance

4), high speed, generally at 3000, the exhibition will promote the industrialization process of new material technology in Ningbo and even China -40000 rpm

5), stable feeding system

6), resin grinding wheel should have automatic tool setting function

7), and sufficient cooling

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