The hottest PVC resin in Russia once again challen

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Russia's PVC resin once again challenged the northern market

just as the Chinese PVC industry conference was held. Russian PVC resin threw a highly explosive bomb at the northern market

from the end of last week, Russia's PVC quotation for China's large state-owned border trading companies has been lowered again from $490 to $480/t, and about tons of PVC will arrive in Manchuria in these two days. According to this cost, the cost price of RMB arriving in Manchuria is only yuan/t, and the cost price entering North China, Shandong and East China is only yuan/t. The light sources used in the experiment are very common, so that the PVC market price in Russia can be reduced to yuan/t. This is bound to seriously drag down the confidence of domestic PVC enterprises to stabilize prices

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