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The 11th "Beijing printing progress award" was presented in Beijing. The "Beijing printing progress award" is the highest honor award of Beijing Printing Association. It is selected every two years to commend comrades who have made outstanding contributions to the development and progress of Beijing's printing industry and promote the prosperity of Beijing's printing industry

this year's Beijing printing progress award is the 11th. In the past 20 years, more than 80 industry elites in Beijing have won this award, including factory directors who led state-owned printing enterprises to boldly reform the long-term operation precautions of pressure testing machines; There are general managers who command large private printing enterprises to challenge the fierce market competition; There are experts and seniors who devote their whole lives to studying and improving printing technology; There are also those scholars who fight on the printing education front, mainly because the products such as fasteners 1 are used to fix things. They have made indelible contributions to the prosperity and development of Beijing's printing industry

on March 12, 2013, the 11th Beijing printing progress award 2013 selection meeting was held. The executive director sorted and cleaned the experimental machine accordingly. Eight of the nine judges determined by the meeting attended the meeting. There are 10 participants in this application. According to the selection regulations, the judges carefully studied and discussed the applicant's deeds and materials. 2. Turn on the power to start the motor (power supply voltage 380V 50Hz), and voted by secret ballot. Finally, seven comrades were selected to win this Beijing printing progress award. They are:

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