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Northern Heavy Industry Group Corporation launched the quality month activity

in order to comprehensively improve product quality and service quality, carry out the implementation of quality management system standards, and create a good corporate atmosphere of pursuing quality and everyone paying attention to quality, northern Heavy Industry Group Corporation recently launched the "quality month" activity

the theme of "quality month" is to adhere to quality first and achieve high-quality development. The overall requirement is to solidly carry out quality improvement actions, guide all employees to solidly carry out quality control, steadily improve work quality and product quality, and lay a good foundation for promoting sustainable development. The key work of quality month activities includes: first, carry out quality publicity activities. All units shall mobilize and deploy the quality month activities, and guide all employees to actively participate in the quality month activities; During the quality month activities, the propaganda slogans of the quality month activities are broadcast in a rolling manner; Make use of networks, platforms and other media to publicize quality laws and regulations, quality culture, quality knowledge, etc., and create a good atmosphere for all staff to pay attention to quality. Second, carry out quality education and enhance quality awareness. All units shall organize and carry out training on knowledge and skills related to the scope of quality management to improve the awareness of personnel at all levels of the importance of basic management work; It is necessary to strengthen the process control of contract review, design and development, and promote the fine quality management with standardization as the leader; We should carry out quality case education and establish the quality concept of doing a good job for the first time, so as to reduce repair and rework and minimize the quality cost; Make full use of the opportunity of pre shift meeting and centralized learning, organize and carry out quality learning activities, organize employees to learn, abide by quality regulations and quality management regulations, and steadily improve the process quality level. Third, organize and carry out activities to consolidate the quality foundation and lead first. For your reference: the chief executive of each unit is the first person in quality work. He should participate in and guide the quality month activities of his unit, and guide and drive all employees to actively and solidly improve quality; The person in charge of each unit shall implement the new version of the quality management system standard, actively carry out the analysis and change of risks and opportunities in the process of bidding and WIP, and plan their response measures, so as to reduce risks, prevent unqualified output, ensure to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce quality loss. Fourth, organize to sort out and self inspect the quality management work of the unit. We should take the quality month activity as an opportunity, take management improvement as the starting point, sort out and self-examine the quality management work of our unit, evaluate the adequacy of the current management system, the suitability and effectiveness of the larger graphene materials prepared by varasock's team, comprehensively inspect the implementation of the quality management system and quality loss of each post, and analyze and rectify the existing problems, Functional departments of all units should supervise and guide; All units should focus on the reasons that affect the work quality, process quality and product quality, and comprehensively investigate the possible product quality defects from the aspects of human, machine, material, method, environment, measurement, etc., especially the key links, key parts and key equipment that affect the quality. For the problems found, they should set a time, set goals, set requirements, and set personnel to rectify in time, eliminate quality hidden dangers, and Check the quality control of key positions, find and effectively rectify problems that affect the improvement of product quality; We should carry out mass quality activities, enhance the quality awareness of all staff, popularize quality knowledge, improve quality awareness, widely carry out mass quality activities such as quality improvement and quality breakthrough, enhance the quality awareness of all staff, and improve the quality literacy of production personnel and management personnel; All units should continue to carry out the training of the new version of quality management system standards in combination with their own conditions to improve the effectiveness of the operation of the quality management system

the group company requires that all units should attach great importance to, strengthen organization, put quality work on the agenda as an important part of enterprise management, and focus on quality upgrading. We should take the improvement of management as an opportunity, strictly manage and pay close attention to it, ensure the quality of products and services with work quality, and promote the overall improvement of various management

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