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Analysis of the characteristics of closed rail crane

although the products of the crane will be different in structure, the design concept of the products is the same: light structure, convenient installation, safety and efficiency. Gaobo's combined crane mainly has the following characteristics:

(1) the flange of the bearing track is inward curved. Because the flange of the track is inward curved, and there are ends at both ends of the track, it is suitable for the sealing of glass fiber fabric reinforced thermoplastic and thermosetting plate covers. Dust is not easy to enter, ensuring the cleanness of the running surface of the wheel and reducing the running resistance. At the same time, the track flange is formed by cold rolling to match the tread on which the wheel can physically stretch the condensed DNA molecules to read their code, so that the wheel can run more smoothly and save effort

(2) all on-site installations are connected by fasteners. Installing the crane is like building blocks. Only bolts are needed to fix the structural parts in place and tighten them, and welding is almost unnecessary

(3) it is easier to assemble equipment with all standard module components. When users want to lengthen the running track or add equipment on the existing equipment, they only need a few standard assembly joints to realize it instantly. It can also be achieved when users want to remove some equipment

(4) the crane is easier to move. Because the crane has light self weight and small friction resistance, workers can move the crane easily. For example, the production ratio of Gaobo's product: crane is 1oo:1, which means that a crane worker with 1t standardized and modular design platform can safely move the load with only 10kg force. The running speed of electric crane is usually 20m/min, while the walking speed of people is usually about 40m/min, so it will be faster to use manual operation in the running direction of this kind of crane

(5) the workload of equipment maintenance in the later stage is small, which can effectively reduce the total capital investment of purchasing equipment

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