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Northern Futures: LLDPE opened high and went low, mainly with narrow range shocks

lldpe opened high and went low, mainly with shock consolidation in the session, and the position is transferring to the 809 contract. Contract l809 opened 13530 yuan, with a maximum of 13575 yuan, a minimum of 13480 yuan, and a closing of 13535 yuan. The settlement price fell 105 yuan/hand compared with the previous day, with 826 transactions, 1518 positions in @d belts and tension, 1362 total trading volume, and 3618 total positions

internationally, NYMEX crude oil fell $1.96 to $105.62/barrel, and the Iraqi oil pipeline damaged by the explosion resumed transportation, easing concerns about the disruption of oil exports in southern Iraq. Assuming the purchase of Asian ethylene, 1 it must be the ball screw holding b0.51 stable, CFR Northeast Asia reported US dollars/ton, CFR Southeast Asia reported US dollars/ton. In terms of domestic spot goods, the overall situation is relatively stable. The petrochemical sales accounting is suspended, the market supply is small, the linearity in some regions is slightly higher, and the transaction atmosphere is not active

to sum up, it is expected that LLDPE will continue to maintain a stalemate for a period of time, and there is a high possibility of narrow range shocks in the near future

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