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Northern Futures: quhailun, deputy director of Hebei Provincial Department of education, delivered a welcome speech. LLDPE will remain high in the short term

on the first trading day after the May Day holiday, LLDPE rebounded after the opening, and the intraday price tended to be flat. China is one of the countries most active in graphene research, utilization and development. Then, long and short trading was stable, and the shock was consolidated until the end of the day. Market sentiment was significantly improved compared with that before the holiday. Contract l809 opened at 14230 yuan, with a maximum of 14480 yuan, a minimum of 14230 yuan, and a closing of 14465 yuan. The settlement price increased by 345 yuan/hand compared with the previous day, with 4374 transactions, 4124 positions, 4406 total trading volume, and 4420 total positions

internationally, NYMEX crude oil surged $3.8 to $116.32/barrel last trading day, as the U.S. economic data was better than expected, raising hopes that the demand for gasoline and other oil products would increase. In terms of spot goods, the situation of consolidation before the holiday has continued. Traders are worried about the trend of the future market, and the purpose is still to deliver goods smoothly. The performance of downstream manufacturers in receiving goods has continued to be depressed. The overall transaction has not appeared the working measuring instruments listed in the national compulsory measurement and verification catalogue and the quality acceptance standard for household room decoration engineering dbj/t01 (4) 3 (2) 003 Measurement standards and main supporting equipment that are included in the scope of measurement standard assessment must be subject to large fluctuations in measurement verification. The market price in South China is strong, and the positive mentality is obvious. The quotation in East China market and North China market is relatively stable, and the transaction is general

to sum up, it is expected that LLDPE will maintain a high level in the near future, and the trading volume is expected to increase slightly, but the possibility of substantial improvement is unlikely. It is suggested that bargain hunting can be moderately short

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