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Operators in the northern period should learn to find problems and eliminate goods: the decline limit adjustment of the domestic and foreign rubber markets may be in place again

the sudden appreciation of the yen late yesterday led to the decline of the entire Tokyo Commodity market, so the fund continued to be flat. Affected by the continued appreciation of the yen today, Japanese glue jumped short and opened low, and the fund closed its positions, causing the futures price to fall by the limit around noon. Compared with Japanese rubber, Shanghai Rubber opened significantly lower in the morning and fluctuated in a narrow range. The International Aluminum Association (IAI) and multinational aluminum companies in developed countries formulated the world alumina technology development guidelines and aluminum industry technology development guidelines before and after. In the afternoon, it fell with Japanese rubber, and finally fell by the limit. Ru0805 finally closed at 22800 yuan/ton. Positions continue to decrease

in terms of spot goods, Thailand's uss3 is now at a high temperature, and the price of goods has followed the decline of TOCOM futures. Traders said that the decline in prices may attract more buyers, which will be supported and limit the decline. On the Aihe center rubber market, the price of uss3 rubber was 79.75 Taizhu/kg, compared with 80.39 Taizhu/kg in the previous transaction. Domestic agricultural reclamation SCR 5/5 standard glue is listed for 1000 tons, with an average price of 22808 yuan/ton

U.S. economic worries triggered a decline in global stock markets, and financial market turmoil caused frequent capital inflows and outflows, exacerbating market volatility. On the other hand, the base metal market maintained a range shock before the bottom shape was confirmed, and the trend of cautiously turning the spotlight group under the stage up (or down) also triggered fluctuations in the rubber market. Due to the intertwined situation of long and short in the market, it is unlikely that the domestic and foreign rubber markets will continue to fall sharply after continuous falls, and it is expected to consolidate in the short term

if the Japanese glue cannot recover the 280 yen line in the short term, it may continue to test the 270 yen line downward under the pressure of the fund's average price; Shanghai Jiaotong broke through the 23000 line and the 60 day moving average today, approaching the brin channel off track. There is little room for further sharp decline, and technical support is expected to be sought in the short term,. In terms of operation, it is recommended to wait and see and wait for confirmation at the bottom

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