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Northern Futures: LLDPE ended higher in shock, and the future market is expected to consolidate

LLDPE rose in shock after the opening today, and continued to fluctuate until the closing after a slight decline. The shipment volume of negative electrode materials in China reached 70900 tons. The opening price of l805 was 13775 yuan, the highest was 13875 yuan, the lowest was 13740 yuan, and the closing price was 13845 yuan. The settlement price increased by 80 yuan/hand compared with the previous day, with 6522 transactions, 7698 positions, 6770 total turnover, and 8484 total positions

internationally, NYMEX crude oil fell by US $0.44 to US $99.18/barrel, and the increase in US refined oil inventories exceeded the impact of a larger than expected decline in crude oil inventories. In terms of domestic spot goods, the North China market has slightly adjusted, and the transaction is general. The price of Qilu Chemical City 7042 including tax is 13350 yuan/ton, the price quoted in Tianjin market is relatively stable, 0218d is easy to be used, and the price quoted for canning is 13500 yuan/ton, and the price quoted for 218w is 13800 yuan/ton. There are few transactions in the East China market, and the quotation is slightly adjusted. The PE of Yuyao is linear and stable, with Yangzi 7042 at 13600 yuan/ton, Zhongyuan 7050 at 13500 yuan/ton, and 7042 Jilin at 13550 yuan/ton. In the South China market, there are few linear goods and average transactions. Guangzhou Petrochemical 7042 yuan/ton, Maoming 70 and many low-cost small coal mines are not subject to policy restrictions. 42 yuan/ton, 2001 13650 yuan/ton, and Saudi 218w 14050 yuan/ton

the mild decline of crude oil futures did not have much impact on LLDPE. The entry of Xinduo made the futures price fluctuate higher, and the long and short competition at the high level was more intense. After a slight correction, it fluctuated and consolidated until the closing. Due to the downturn of the spot market and the approaching of the traditional festival Spring Festival, it is still difficult for the market to achieve a significant improvement. Due to the negative factors of Sinopec price adjustment expected by the market, the market will still maintain a wait-and-see situation in the near future. It is expected that LLDPE will mainly fluctuate in the range in the near future. Investors are advised to wait and see and wait for the trend to be clear

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