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Northern heavy industry group won the big order of six shield machines in Turkey

Northern heavy industry group won the big order of six shield machines in Turkey

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on January 2, when the New Year bell of 2017 just struck, a good news came from northern heavy industry group: the Group signed a sales contract with Turkish Colin group in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, for six diameter earth pressure balance shield machines, which will be used in 2 A little experimental force on the fixture Turkey Istanbul metro project. This is an important order again obtained by northern heavy industry after it obtained the general contracting project of cement plant for the construction of two new dry process cement clinker production lines with a daily output of 6700 tons with the development of society in Behan, uzak Province, Turkey in 2015. The corresponding measurement range was selected. Northern heavy industry group once again played a triumphant song of "made in Shenyang" in Turkey

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Istanbul metro project will connect the urban area of Istanbul with the T3 terminal of Ataturk International Airport, which is an international airport under construction by the Turkish government. Winning the bid for the project of Turkish Colin group shows that the manufacturing strength of shield machine of northern heavy industry group has been highly recognized by the market. This is the project signed by Colin group when it first contacted northern heavy industry group. When the core figures of the enterprise listened to the introduction of North heavy industry group, visited the shield machine production workshop in the enterprise, and fully understood the technical level, production capacity and performance of North heavy industry group, they got a very good impression

then, North heavy industry group formed a team of seven people, including business and technical experts, to Ankara to negotiate business and technical contracts with Colin group, which won the high trust of customers during this period. In the end, it took only five days for Northern heavy industry group to successfully sign a contract with Colin group

Turkey, which connects Eurasia, is an important node of the "the Belt and Road" initiative. The signing of this project not only marks that the shield machine of northern heavy industry group has broken the "zero record" of exporting to Turkey, but also has further enhanced the brand influence of northern heavy industry group in Turkey, so as to obtain more market share in Turkey for Northern heavy industry group It has laid a solid foundation for further exploring the markets of China, East and West Asia

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