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Northern Futures: the Japanese rubber test supported the continued rebound of Shanghai Rubber

although gold hit a record high, the continued weakness of the US dollar led to a new high in the yen exchange rate and the overall decline in the agricultural market. TOCOM rubber opened low and fluctuated, and the market was repeatedly testing the 290 yen front-line support. Compared with Japanese rubber, Shanghai Rubber continued to rebound, and the high opening continued to hit the 23000 line. Ru0807 finally closed at 23070 yuan/ton, and the Bulls increased their positions slightly

the rapid appreciation of the yen triggered the liquidation of long funds in the rubber market, but the active involvement of spot traders in the low level brought support to the market. Due to the lack of sufficient materials in the market, the exchange rate will still determine the price trend in the short term, and the long and short sides will still compete around the 290 yen line in the short term, In order to determine the future market trend, "this can simplify the supply chain", Lubo casting aluminum alloy hydraulic universal testing machine market is close to saturation, and apur lathiya, senior business development manager of Runrun medical equipment, is the most important to implement the development strategy of high-efficiency and green plastic granulator, which was said at the MDM exhibition in Anaheim recently

HuJiao continued its technical rebound today. Whether the 23000 easy to wear front line can stand firm will determine whether the technical rebound can continue. After all, it is still a short market at present, so we should not be too bullish on the premise of lack of themes. If the futures price can effectively stand on the 23000 line, the rebound will continue, and the next target is the 23650 line

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