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Northern heavy industry: do a good job in the Hong Kong Liantang shield machine project

Northern heavy industry: do a good job in the Hong Kong Liantang shield machine project

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Northeast China in the cold days, and even during the test, it can instantly display the stress-strain curve, frozen and snowbound. The cold hydraulic universal experimental machine is different from the electronic universal machine. However, at the workshop site of the shield machine branch of the North heavy industry group, employees shuttled back and forth in the rumbling sound of machines, showing a busy and orderly scene. Here, the northern heavy workers with dreams and high morale are watering their steel dreams with actions

as the Liantang shield machine project in Hong Kong has entered the sprint stage in an all-round way, every northern heavy industry worker who has shed sweat on this project has not stopped for a moment, going all out and preparing for this tough battle with passion. The earth pressure balancing shield machine with a diameter of 14.1 meters in Liantang, Hong Kong, which is divided into rapid cooling and slow cooling, is the largest one made in China and even Asia at present. The product structure is complex and the processing is difficult. But in the face of difficulties, the northern heavy workers withstood the pressure, and the branches cooperated sincerely, and the project has successfully entered the assembly stage

work hard and seize the day, and the boom of working in full swing is set off among shield locomotives. Here, I often hear a sentence: give me a hand and do me a favor. The solidarity atmosphere of helping each other permeated the whole workshop. In order to ensure the progress and smooth delivery, the number of shifts between shield locomotives is increased, and a 24-hour three shift system is implemented. There is no rest day, and there is only a three-day holiday for the Spring Festival. Nevertheless, the employees did not complain, because they believed that only by working hard can they polish the golden signboard of North heavy industry. At any time, the rumbling sound of the machine is always heard throughout the shield machine workshop. Employees love this voice, which seems to remind them time and again that the date of delivery is getting closer and closer, and the day of victory in this tough battle is getting closer and closer

Liu Bing, deputy director of the assembly workshop of shield machine branch, is from Songyuan City, Jilin Province. The Spring Festival is getting closer and closer. Like all returnees, he grabs the train ticket home and wants to take his newly married wife back to his hometown for the first Spring Festival after marriage. However, the day after he got the ticket, he returned it and decided to spend the new year in Shenyang with his wife instead of going back to his hometown. All because he was concerned about Liantang shield machine, he said that he was ready for the Spring Festival. There is no rest day and he can't accompany his family, but Liu Bing's wife supports him very much and brings him good meals every day. Now he eats three meals every day in the company. The company stipulates that the director and deputy director of the workshop should work overtime in turn. Liu Bing sleeps under the experimental machine with the rumbling sound of the machine one night a week. After a month, he has lost 7 kg, who is not fat. But he said: everything is worth paying. Now the biggest wish is to deliver the Liantang shield machine to the customers with quality and quantity on schedule. Liu Bing is just an epitome of all the people of northern heavy industry who have worked hard and sweated for the Liantang shield machine project. How many of them have worked all day without paying attention to drinking a mouthful of water; How many people are carrying lunch boxes in the workshop to have a quick bite, and then immediately get on the machine and continue to work; How many people put their beds in the workshop and left their hearts to steel

drops of sweat tell about their hard work; The rumbling voice praises their dedication. They are bold, capable and good northern heavy workers. In their tenacious struggle, they sprinkle their blood on steel and sing a better tomorrow of northern heavy industry with practical actions. I believe that the hard-working and hard-working people of northern heavy industry will be able to fight this tough battle and push the shield machine manufactured by northern heavy industry to a broader world

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