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Northern heavy industry: Based on technological innovation to strengthen mining vehicle products

northern heavy industry: Based on technological innovation to strengthen mining vehicle products

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Guide: in 2012, the recovery sector of the international market of mining vehicle products of northern heavy industry group developed more steadily according to the tamping foundation efficiency, continued to implement the marketing strategy of not allowing the market for profit and timely clearing the price, firmly adhered to the overall development requirements of the leading market position of mining vehicles, and relied on China's only national off highway mining vehicle R & D base

in 2012, the mining vehicle product sector of North heavy industry group developed more steadily in accordance with the tamping foundation efficiency, continued to implement the marketing strategy of "giving up profits, not allowing the market, giving prices and clearing money in time", firmly adhered to the overall development requirements of the leading market position of mining vehicles, relied on the technical advantages of China's only national off highway mining vehicle research and development base - "national and local joint engineering research center of heavy off highway mining vehicles", and based on technological innovation, We should fully release the advantages of production capacity, expand the industrial chain, enrich the types of serialized products, and seek the market for large tonnage and full series, so as to build the group's northern joint stock company into a world-class mining vehicle production base with a full range of mechanical wheels and electric wheels from 23 tons to 360 tons

in recent years, based on technological innovation, the company has continued to increase scientific research investment, strengthen the construction of independent innovation capacity, and gradually take the initiative in research and development in joint ventures and cooperation. The models represented by tr50, tr60 and TR100 developed by the company account for 75% of the domestic market share with superior technical performance. The nts35 mining dump truck newly developed by the company meets the needs of domestic mine stripping layer transportation. This model is widely used in power transmission system In terms of frame structure, vehicle appearance, etc., it has 6 national patents GB 6751 (86) for the determination of volatile and nonvolatile substances in paints and varnishes. Advanced technologies such as full hydraulic steering control system, hydro pneumatic suspension system and double hydraulic cylinder lifting system are applied in the design. The domestic engine, transmission and rear axle with large transmission ratio have the characteristics of high transmission efficiency and low cost. Once launched, they are favored by the mining industry

in order to fundamentally change the situation that China's mining dump trucks with electric wheels of more than 200 tons rely on imports, achieve the goal of "pushing forward with production", fill the domestic gap, and improve the level of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry, according to the planning and strategic development requirements of the state, industry and ordnance industry group, the company included the development of large tonnage electric wheel mining dump trucks in the company's "12th Five Year" development plan, and began to carry out comprehensive research and development in 2010. Nte260 electric wheel mining vehicle developed by the company has completely independent intellectual property rights. The technical level of this product is equivalent to that of similar foreign products, and it has price competitive advantages. During the scheme design of this model, the international most advanced technical schemes such as stringing technology, hybrid shunt control technology, complete AC control technology and so on have been determined to reduce fuel consumption. ROPS cab, ramp start anti slip technology, heavy-duty downhill constant speed control technology, anti slip control technology and other schemes are determined to improve safety. At the same time, fully consider the needs of users in terms of operation comfort, maintenance convenience, improving operation efficiency and reliability. The large-scale products have improved efficiency, saved energy consumption, and achieved remarkable environmental benefits. It breaks the situation that several international giants control the supply price, supply cycle and spare parts price, adds weight to the selection and negotiation of domestic mine users, reduces the purchase cost and maintenance cost of the majority of mine users, and has remarkable social benefits

mining truck 3. Clamping the end of sample 1 on the upper fixture, adjusting the spacing between machine and fixture, adjusting the lower jaw, clamping the lower end of the sample to develop towards a large tonnage and full series is the call for China's mining truck to enter the era of large-scale, and it is also a breakthrough for the national "equipment manufacturing industry adjustment and revitalization plan" to put forward the theme of "focusing on the domestic manufacturing of large-scale electric wheel dump trucks and other equipment". The company will fully plan the top-level design work of the National Engineering Research Center, give full play to the industry leading enterprise advantages of North Corporation, and strengthen and optimize the mining vehicle product sector

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