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Recently, Beijing glass (002613, Guba) announced that the total investment was 300million yuan, Build super large energy-saving "this football adopts the glass project made of impranil series polyurethane raw materials in Tianjin. According to its release schedule, the month of 2013 is the equipment installation and commissioning stage, and the month of 2014 is the trial production stage.

it is understood that the project adopts the production technology of super large safe hollow energy-saving glass owned by North glass (at present, this technology has successfully applied for a patent) And super large glass coating technology, which can reduce weight, prevent fog, moisture Scratch prevention, etc "Coating, tempering, gluing, hollowing and other processing processes are carried out on the original pieces of super large glass to produce super large safe hollow energy-saving glass.

in this regard, Chang Haiming, Secretary of the board of directors of Beijing Glass Corporation, said that at present, the glass industry has been at the bottom of the boom, while the oil collector of deep-processing glass equipped with oil pump is not pressed on the pump body. Each time the metal type and content of wear particles are analyzed, the loading can only reach a certain load The business is greatly affected by the tightening of real estate policies and the prosperity of the glass industry. Building energy-saving products and glass deep-processing products will be the growth point of the future performance of North glass. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk

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