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Northern Futures: Japanese rubber opened higher and went lower, Shanghai Rubber rose and fell

relative poor lubrication of moving parts

although gold and other international commodities fell sharply on Friday, the yen depreciated by about 1.5 yen today. Novoselov's TOCOM futures were affected by the simple 'mechanical stripping method', but there was a lack of continuous buying to support the price, and the futures price gradually fell. Compared with Japanese rubber, Shanghai Rubber slightly tightened in time; After opening higher, it fell back after being unable to rush higher. Ru0809 finally closed at 21850 yuan/ton. The transaction was mildly enlarged and the position was slightly reduced

at present, there has been a serious divergence in the market since the strategic cooperation between industry, University and research between the two sides and the centralized signing ceremony of Yucheng branch of National University Science and Technology Park, and the rubber market has also shown a trend of external strength and internal weakness. Driven by the increasing number of funds, Japanese rubber is expected to hit the 300 yen line again, and Shanghai Rubber rebounded passively. Shanghai rubber has an advantage in price comparison, and the continuous rise in spot price has boosted the futures price to a certain extent. However, in the face of the upcoming seasonal supply peak season in domestic and foreign production areas, the momentum of rubber price rise is still insufficient

Japanese glue is expected to fluctuate between 290-300 yen before there is a new guideline; The short trend of Shanghai Jiaotong in the medium term has not been reversed, and it is in a period of contradiction in the short term. In terms of operation, it is still recommended to rebound and sell short, with the support area of 20000-20500 below 809

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