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Manufacturing enterprise logistics barcode solution

I. overview

barcode data acquisition system is one of the necessary automatic control equipment of the production line for the automatic production line. This equipment can get rid of the heavy manual transcription and entry work, reduce human errors, improve the work efficiency of the production line, and provide accurate and detailed information for the data statistics of products and production lines

as the automatic control equipment of the production line, this system should have the following characteristics: strong anti-interference performance, simple and intuitive, clear character display, sound prompt function, reliable interface connection, long-distance transmission, integrated design, etc. At present, many manufacturers use the transformed commercial POS system as production line equipment. This commercial system will have problems in anti-interference and long-distance transmission, which will seriously affect the reliability and stability of the system, thus affecting the accuracy of data. At the same time, there are also different degrees of problems in the characteristics of the automatic control equipment of the production line mentioned above, which creates unnecessary trouble and extra work for the users of the equipment and the system administrator

according to the needs of the production line, the integrated production plant bar code management system specially developed by Guangdong XX Co., Ltd. has the functions suitable for the production line environment, such as strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable system, simple and clear prompt, few and firm interfaces, and direct long-distance transmission, which can meet the accurate entry of bar codes in the industrial environment

the production line logistics barcode management system developed by Guangdong XX Co., Ltd. adopts Microsoft's WindowsNT operating system and SQL database server based on development standards. Due to the advanced bar code scanning data acquisition and data remote transmission communication technology, more than 90% of user operations are completed through the telecontrol system, which maximizes the local, real-time, fast and accurate input, query and update of system data in the workplace. And it adopts efficient client/server mode and local data inspection, which makes the system response very fast. The management of the system is completed by a desktop PC. users can enter and manage the designated stations and designated production materials, and arrange flow control, statistics, quality control, analysis and other operations through a desktop PC. The system provides batch processing or direct connection to exchange data with external host systems (such as enterprise resource management system, financial system, MIS system, etc.)

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the main advantages of the application of bar code in production management are as follows:

1. The production process of products can be reflected instantly and effectively on the production line, eliminating the labor of manual tracking

2. The production process of products (orders) can be shown on the computer, which can enable us to find the bottleneck in production; Quickly count and query production data to provide basis for production scheduling, scheduling, etc

3. For unqualified products in the inspection, it can record the problems caused by workers or parts, and provide practical analysis reports

bar code technology is like a link, which connects the information about whether the zero line of the correction cursor and the ruler coincide at each stage of the product life cycle, and can track the whole process of products from production to sales, so that enterprises are in a favorable position in the fierce market competition. And bar code can ensure the accuracy of data. Using bar code equipment is convenient and fast. The efficiency of automatic recognition technology is incomparable with that of keyboard

Sharp Electronics of Japan has adopted barcode based warehouse management system for many years. In the past, in the paper-based operation mode, about 200 errors occurred every month in terms of delivery and warehousing. After the errors occurred, it often took several months to track these differences, so as not to expand its impact. Now, when each piece of goods is put in and out of the warehouse, the operator immediately reads the barcode on the goods with a handheld laser data collector, and sends the data to the computer in time for statistics and management through the data collector. The number of warehouse operations increased in double digits, but the number of personnel did not increase, and the inventory accuracy reached 100%; The difference rate between delivery and purchase operations has fallen to zero, and some labor-intensive jobs have also been compressed

warehouse management realizes modern management means. Bar code technology is a priority means to ensure the optimization of warehouse operations, make full use of warehouse space, provide customers with high-quality services quickly and conveniently, and earn foreign exchange and add value

bar code reader is the data acquisition equipment of bar code application system. It can quickly and accurately collect the data source represented by bar code, and send this data to the computer for processing. With the development of computer technology, its running speed and storage capacity have been greatly improved, but the data input of computer has become an important obstacle that affects the potential of computer. Portable data collector solves the "bottleneck" problem in computer data input, greatly improves the practicability of the whole computer application system, and makes the universal use of computer system possible

computer is the data storage and processing equipment in bar code application system. Due to the large storage capacity and fast running speed of the computer, many complicated data processing work becomes convenient. It is rapid and accurate, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the work efficiency. In particular, the application of computer network in business makes the purchase, sale, storage and other businesses of the whole mall form a strong and coordinated system, playing an increasingly important role

application software is based on system software and various programs compiled to solve various practical problems. It is usually written in a high-level language, which organizes the data to be processed into various data files. The fiber-reinforced hydrogel of the operation system has many latent utilization systems to control the execution of various application programs, and automatically carry out various operations on the data files, which greatly facilitates the operators. In this way, a typical commercial bar code application system has been established

the time for each work supervisor to process documents is reduced by 75%-90%

without taking out members of the working group to record production data, all workers can be fully engaged in production

the number of personnel processing payroll is reduced by 80%, and the quality of production and processing is significantly improved. Because the automatic quality control of a product can be reliably connected with the production team that produces this product. If a group spends time modifying products that fail to pass quality inspection, it will reduce the labor productivity of the group and directly affect its remuneration. They will get less reward for producing substandard products; If customers return goods, they will not be paid for this work

on the whole, the factory can reduce the production cost by 15%-40%. The application of bar code automatic data acquisition system has improved the labor productivity of the processing team, reduced fixed expenses, and led to a significant reduction in the cost of creative products for the production of "strange" PU coated fabrics

The application of bar code data collection in inventory management system can bring the following benefits:

1. The steps of manually writing bills and sending them to the computer room for input are removed, which can greatly improve the work efficiency

2. Solve the problem of outdated and lagging warehouse information. It takes a day or more for a ticket to be filled in, collected and keyed in. This makes the production dispatcher can only set the delivery date for the user according to the material information a few days or even a week ago

3. Solve the problem of inaccurate bill information (mainly copying errors and typing errors), so as to improve productivity, explicitly improve ordering work, improve customer service quality, eliminate manual operations in transaction processing, reduce invalid labor, eliminate additional warehouse stock caused by inaccurate information, and improve fund utilization

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1. Upper front-end server or separate data acquisition terminal industrial computer or highly reliable commercial machine

2. Serial port expansion card (8-way or 16-way, with 422 long-distance industrial standard bus transceiver)

3. Shielded twisted pair

4 Data centralized controller: xl-2000c (with 422 long-distance industrial standard bus transceiver, extended serial port, buzzer, etc., RJ-45 interface)

5, industrial Multi Standard handheld bar code scanner

6, device driver

7, windows platform, Informix database

IV. introduction to xl-2000c

1, metal shielding shell and pure power filter to enhance anti-interference performance

2. RS-422 Bus Transceiver with RJ-45 interface can directly transmit long distance

3. RJ-45 interface extends RS-232 barcode scanner interface. RJ-45 has automatic plug and play function, which improves the connection reliability of the interface

4. Beep prompt tone to improve the error warning performance. The prompt tone is divided into short tone, long tone, cut tone, single tone, continuous tone, multi tone and other different forms to meet the needs of different prompts

5. High brightness LCD display to improve visibility

6. Character flashing function to attract attention to special information

7. The combination of ESC command set and single byte control instruction is adopted to facilitate programming

8. The transmission baud rate is 2400~19200 adjustable

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1. Bar code technology and personnel attendance

in order to count the attendance of employees in enterprises and institutions, the traditional sign in or clock in system still cannot get rid of manual work. The bar code attendance system, the clamping jaws of the tensile testing machine fixture can be divided into different types of flat jaws and round jaws according to the shape of the measured materials. The computer can be used to automatically count the attendance, and the collected data can also be counted to realize the automation of wage attendance

for many processing production line management enterprises that take the team as the production and processing unit, and the labor remuneration of the team is linked to the output and quality, three issues need to be paid attention to:

(1) production supervision work required to record production data

(2) document processing time and labor consumption used to calculate remuneration according to output and quality

(3) fairness in labor remuneration calculation and production supervision records The importance of accuracy

if the production supervisor records all production data after the end of each shift, he needs to work overtime frequently to accurately record the just completed shift. For a medium-sized factory, it takes at least 5-10 secretaries to put the production data of one day into the compensation formula to calculate the application compensation of workers. On the production line, at least one person from each group should be drawn out to manually record the production data of the group, which will affect the work efficiency to some extent

the operation mode after using the barcode data automatic collection system to assist the productivity statistics of the production line is:

at the beginning of each shift, each member of the working group should scan the barcode on their employee card and input the attendance data and group member records into the computer. All members of the group can get the same report according to the output of the day

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