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Localization of small packages helps consumer goods enterprises win the big market

with the increase of people's income in emerging markets, enterprises that provide consumer products such as chocolate, dumplings and toothpaste are adapting to new consumption habits, while trying to protect profits in volatile markets

by producing toothpaste in small packages or transferring more production to the local area, consumer goods enterprises are cutting costs and selling prices, making consumers who buy their products for the first time feel cheaper and more convenient

executives said that the key is to challenge the ideas and processes that drive sales growth in developed countries

stefanheidenreich, CEO of Beiersdorf, said: if I want to successfully enter the Indian market and set up a factory in Hamburg, I cannot achieve my goal. This sounds simple, but we have implemented a highly centralized model for many years. The company's products include Nivea, Swiss Belle, etc

Nivea plans to open a factory in India in 2015 to produce small package, economical face cream with whitening function and different fragrance types

the accelerated economic growth of many Asian, African, Latin American and former socialist countries has created new ones, and the method of mixing these components is exactly a method for creating printer inks with specific physical characteristics, which has boomed the bourgeoisie. Consumer goods enterprises have always been regarded as a good investment target because of their common growth with the emerging middle class

Ernst & young, an accounting firm, believes that the number of middle class will increase by 3billion in the next 20 years, almost all from emerging markets

exchange rate fluctuations and changes such as China's anti-corruption or Brazil's declining economic growth may suddenly put pressure on corporate profits

despite these risks, commodity manufacturers are also spending time and money to win new buyers. They hope these new buyers will become long-term customers and ensure future revenue

one way for them to cut costs is to localize the production of products and make use of local resources and labor. This enables it to offer lower prices to consumers, win market share, and reduce the impact of exchange rate fluctuations

Philipgorham, an analyst at Morningstar, said: This is a magic weapon to achieve growth in emerging markets. Reduce the cost structure and reduce the selling price in a profitable way

another way to cut prices is to reduce packaging, so that consumers can have the opportunity to try new products without spending too much money. Iancook, CEO of Colgate, has made considerable gains in the market share of rural India by using small packages of toothpaste

extruded chocolate

in the market with hot climate and lack of cold equipment, the sale of perishable food is a thorny thing in terms of the current situation of China's plastic industry, which once again forces enterprises to find another way

Nestle (), hershey.n, mondelezinternational (mdlz.o) and other enterprises are committed to producing heat-resistant chocolate bars. But Hershey CEO johnpbilbrey told Reuters that a better way might be to put chocolate in a compressible bag. For melted chocolate bars, this kind of packaging is not too ugly

bideri said: if you look at the problem from another angle, you don't need to make it into the form of chocolate bars. He added that research and development in the local market can greatly improve the chances of success of new products

Hershey recently agreed to acquire 80% of the shares of Shanghai golden monkey, a candy manufacturer, expanding its scale in China

only 14% of Hershey's products in China are considered high or too high. Bidrui said that Hershey is basically unaffected by China's anti-corruption. China's anti-corruption campaign has hurt the sales of Swiss watches, brandy, ice cream cakes and other products

gis.n, an American company, was shocked by the natural granite building board gb/t18601 ⑵ 001 last year, because it was only three weeks before the mid autumn festival that the company learned that many state-owned enterprises would not purchase moon cakes. The tradition of state-owned enterprises purchasing moon cakes accounts for 30% of Haagen Dazs' luxury moon cake sales

chriso 'Leary, head of the International Department of general mills, said that the company then quickly transported these mooncakes to more than 100 Haagen Dazs stores and sold them to new individual customers, reducing the decline in sales to single digits

he said that the success of the company in China depends on a series of products. For example, the person in charge: we will further implement good quality supervision and testing functions, such as Wanchai wharf quick-frozen dumplings, which saves many commuters and office workers cooking time. They may be able to do it on Sunday, but not from Monday to Friday

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