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The "100t high impedance electric arc furnace" jointly developed by Xi'an Huaxing Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Heavy Machinery Plant Co., Ltd. has been operated in Shanghai Heavy Machinery Plant Co., Ltd. for 20 months, and the equipment operates stably and reliably, meeting the design requirements. The measured inspection results of Shanghai Institute of quality supervision and inspection technology: the smelting cycle is 100min/furnace, the electrode consumption is 3.4kg/t, and the power consumption is 415kwh/T. According to the novelty search center of Shaanxi Institute of science and technology information, the parts processed should meet the requirements of the drawing: 100 high impedance electric arc furnaces are the first high-capacity electric arc furnaces independently developed, designed, manufactured and assembled in China. First of all, in the field of cathode materials, experts from domestic steel-making, equipment manufacturing, production enterprises and scientific research management departments conducted scientific and technological achievements appraisal on the 100t high impedance electric arc furnace with customizable software jointly developed by Xi'an Huaxing Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Heavy Industries on May 20, 2008. Listened to the development report, operation report, equipment assessment and acceptance report made by the project team, and reviewed the scientific and technological novelty search report, testing report and economic benefit analysis report. Questions and doubts were raised, and the operation of the equipment was investigated on site. The conclusion is that the technical performance index of the equipment has reached the domestic leading level, and the research direction is correct and in line with the national industrial policy. The design idea is novel, the comprehensive integration adopts relevant advanced technology, the matching is reasonable, the structure is simple, and the operation is reliable. The process performance index has reached the domestic leading level, and the results have independent intellectual property rights. Its successful development has filled the domestic gap. The input power and electrical efficiency are improved by using reactors to improve the dynamic characteristics of current changes, increase the arc voltage, stabilize the arc combustion and so on; Compared with ordinary electric arc furnace, the secondary current is small, and the electrode diameter and electrode distribution circle diameter are small; The specially designed copper steel composite conductive cross arm and reasonable short structure are adopted, with small mechanical vibration and electromagnetic force, and the equipment operates smoothly; Reasonably adopt smoke exhaust and dust removal equipment, so that the noise and dust meet the environmental protection requirements, meet the national industrial policies and environmental protection requirements, and have good economic benefits. It can replace imports and should be popularized and applied as soon as possible

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