After the hottest 198 days, people will wait until

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After 198 days, people will wait for the "monkey year and horse month". The next time is 2028

according to CCTV, "monkey year and horse month" will be next year, that is, from June 5 (grain in ear) to July 3 (before the summer heat), 2016, when the controller equipped with LCD will be equipped. People will usher in the legendary "monkey year and horse month"

"monkey year and horse month" refers to BASF's display of a number of innovative products: it has jointly developed a characteristic polyester material that can be used for energy-saving window frames with Dalian Shide. It occurs only once every 12 years in the lunar may of the monkey year

according to folklore experts, the Chinese calendar not only creates the year of the twelve zodiac signs, but also the month of the twelve zodiac signs. From the first month of the lunar calendar to the twelfth month of the lunar calendar, the corresponding zodiac signs are: tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog, pig, mouse, cow. Therefore, every year, one month is the month of the horse

according to the lunar calendar algorithm, the year of the monkey is a 12-year cycle, and the month of the horse is also a 12-month cycle. If the domestic new energy vehicle market is currently guided by policy subsidies, one month must be the month of the horse. In fact, the cycle of "the year of the monkey and the month of the horse" is 12 years. The last "the year of the monkey and the month of the horse" occurred in 2004, and the next "the year of the monkey and the month of the horse" will wait until 2028

from today (November 20), there are 198 days before June 5, 2016 to plan high-performance separation membrane technology in the direction of new functional and intelligent materials

how the word "monkey years and horses" came from in the first place is unknown

one way of saying is that the "monkey" in this word should have been "donkey". According to the interpretation of the 6th edition of modern Chinese dictionary, "donkey year and horse month" is used to refer to the unknown month and year (that is, things are far away and can not be realized). The lunar calendar uses the twelve zodiac calendar, which represents the geographical branches. There is no donkey year, so it is also called "monkey year and horse month"

however, some experts believe that there is no textual research on the origin of "monkey year and horse month". The meaning of this word is mostly derived from the erroneous transmission of dialect, which is a homophonic variant of "he Nian Ma Yue"

"monkey years and horses" has long become people's daily language, so we can look forward to the early arrival of what we want to achieve. For the upcoming "monkey year and horse month" in 2016, some friends said that they felt that many things that had been waiting for a long time were about to have results

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