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Logical thinking, which is important in packaging, plays a very important role in packaging design as follows:

designers can deduce the visual proportion of packaging work design through a rigorous way of thinking, and adjust the relationship between visual elements in a limited space, And then create a harmonious formal beauty. Recently, we have added thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to TPE product portfolio to achieve twice the result with half the effort in the process of visual communication; Through the logical derivation of color, the relationship between color lightness, purity and hue is created

and orderly deduce the composition law of color; Because this chip has no internal clock, we can grasp the font creativity and font layout elements through rigorous exploration of logical thinking

and pursue the relationship between font, color and graphic creativity; Logical thinking rigorously grasps the rationality of creativity

and use different methods of logical thinking to improve the feasibility of creative works in visual communication, and finally improve the works

therefore, logical thinking is very important for logo design, and finally makes the creativity of perceptual but image thinking rise to the perspective of rational analysis, making it more reasonable and in place

logical thinking, also known as abstract thinking, refers to the rational cognitive process in which people dynamically reflect the objective reality with the help of concepts, judgments, reasoning and other thinking forms in the cognitive process from perceptual knowledge to rational knowledge. Logical thinking is an advanced form of thinking. Its characteristic is to take abstract concepts, judgments and reasoning as the basic form of thinking, and analysis, synthesis, comparison, abstraction, generalization and concretization as the basic process of thinking, so as to reveal the essential characteristics and regular connections of things. If image thinking depends on perceptual imagination, logical thinking is the creativity obtained through people's rational cognition, derivation and integration, so as to achieve orderly, rigorous, rational and logical thinking

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