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Localization of large bag packaging equipment

with the continuous development of China's economy, the number of large-scale production enterprises is increasing. How to meet the needs of various industries for the localization of 25 ~ 50kg large bag packaging equipment has become a new topic in front of the packaging machinery industry

it is true that large packages of goods have existed since ancient times. In the past, baskets, gunny bags, bamboo baskets, wooden cases, plastic woven bags and cement paper bags all belonged to the category of large packaging. However, modern large-scale production puts forward higher requirements for packaging, so it is updated when the conditions such as cleaning and lubrication meet the requirements. Basically, there are the following six functional indicators:

1. High speed and efficiency: it is able to pack more than 20 tons of materials per hour, and it is often necessary to revise them. The consumption of body aluminum will also be increased rapidly and continuously produced

2. Fastness: the tensile and impact strength of the packaging bag can withstand gravity, pressure in stacking and impact in transportation

3. Sealing: due to different packaging materials, there are different sealing requirements. In particular, the sealing performance requirements of powder or toxic substances and substances that are afraid of being polluted are very strict

4. Mildew resistance: Materials prone to moisture or mildew have special requirements for the air tightness of packaging materials

5. Environmental protection requirements: packaging bags must be degradable and recyclable materials to alleviate environmental pollution

6. Easy to disassemble performance: modern large-scale industrial production inevitably requires high efficiency. Most of the large bag packaging is raw materials or primary processed products, so the packaging bag also needs to meet the requirements of easy to disassemble and easy to dump

since the reform and opening up, China has successively introduced a number of complete sets of equipment, including high-speed and efficient automatic packaging machines, which meet the above functional requirements according to different needs, and most of them use degradable and environmental friendly packaging materials. Most of these devices share a considerable market situation of bicycles from Japan, Germany, the United States and other countries

even so, it still can not meet the market demand, especially because the imported equipment is expensive, and some small and medium-sized enterprises can only sigh. Another situation is that enterprises mainly engaged in export sales, the foreign party puts forward packaging requirements or provides samples of packaging bags. Due to the lack of information, these enterprises are difficult to meet the requirements of the foreign party. Most of the users entrust complete sets of equipment suppliers to provide supporting equipment on their behalf. However, complete sets of equipment supply companies lack professional shopping guides, which also takes a lot of trouble. Therefore, the development of domestic equipment with good cost performance suitable for national conditions is an important way to meet market demand

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