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Zijinqiao 6.0 new product promotion meeting Suzhou station location arrangement

Zijinqiao Software Technology Co., Ltd. officially released the latest version of monitoring configuration software real6.0 on April 10, 2007, and is scheduled to hold a product promotion meeting in Suzhou Zhongshan building on July 10, 2007 [Tuesday]

since 2004, Zijinqiao Software Technology Co., Ltd. has begun to develop a new generation of configuration software - Zijinqiao 6.0. After three years, a huge amount of money was spent, and after many strict tests, Zijinqiao successfully built real6.0. On July 10, the key is that Zijinqiao, a high-molecular compound that can make plastics usable, will hold a product promotion conference in Suzhou. At that time, it will unveil the mystery of real6.0. Now I invite you to attend the meeting of Zijin bridge and share with them the initiative and excellent performance of Zijin bridge 6.0 in all aspects

this activity is completely free. Users who have not signed up please sign up in advance to reserve seats for you. Users who have signed up please arrive on time. Zijinqiao will be waiting for you in Suzhou Zhongshan building on the afternoon of July 10

the specific time and place of the Suzhou seminar are as follows:

place: conference room on the first floor of Zhongshan building, Suzhou [No. 1585, Renmin Road, Suzhou]

time: 13:30-17:00 p.m. on July 10 (Tuesday)

bus route: take No. 1, 101, 102, 103, you 4, 8 road Guanqian Street Station

registration: http://ww Domestic production and sales of new energy vehicles have returned to the fast track since March.


fax registration:

email registration: market@

Zijinqiao software looks forward to your participation

for details, please log in: then clamp the sample on the tensile machine to measure the peeling force at each point/real_ p

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