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Localization of polypropylene extrusion granulation system template

the extrusion granulation system of polypropylene unit in ethylene plant of Dushanzi Petrochemical Company of China Petroleum uses domestic template instead of imported template. After 70 days of full load operation, the test run has been successful recently. The quality indicators of various polypropylene products meet the requirements of national standards, the appearance of product particles is uniform, and the length of experimental gauge is not less than 60 times the nominal diameter, which greatly reduces the cost

the templates used in the extrusion granulation system of polypropylene plant introduced by ethylene plant are imported templates, which can be used for more than 100000 times. Each template 20 gradually moves towards the road of industrialization, with more than 10000 yuan. In order to reduce costs and realize the localization of template accessories, the factory actively cooperates with domestic manufacturers to independently develop and produce templates to replace imported products, which has been successful

the international competitiveness of the polypropylene plant of the plant continues to improve, and the pressure granulation system adopts domestic templates, which can reduce the cost by 1million yuan per year

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