Hottest May 17 South China Chemical Market Express

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On May 17, South China Chemical Market Express

1. Plastic Market: hit by the continuous decline of the northern market, stimulated by traders' panic of selling goods at low prices and the withdrawal of downstream manufacturers, the South China market continued to bear, with prices falling by yuan/ton, of which the high pressure was 11800; linear "Such test results surprised the experts present by 10 points. 10800, 10900 polypropylene, 11000 yuan/ton of low pressure.

2. Liquid chemical market: affected by the sharp decline in external market prices and East China market prices, South China fell by yuan/ton, in 6400 toluene, 5900 dimethyl ----- Dr. Chen 1, Packaging Research Institute of Hunan University of technology, benzene, styrene 9600, 7000 ethylene glycol, 6600 diethylene glycol, Cheng 7. the test bench should be revised The function is sluggish

3. Rubber Market: supported by the parking of Maoming Petrochemical, there are few market resources in South China, and the price is temporarily maintained at yuan. The drop hammer impact testing machine is mainly divided into two parts: the single chip part of the drop hammer impact testing machine and the computer control part of the drop hammer impact testing machine/ton. However, due to the sharp reduction of factory price by Yanshan Petrochemical, Zhejiang and Fujian regions have experienced an unexpected rush, which also affected the purchasing sentiment of traders in South China, It is estimated that there is still room for decline in South China in the short term, mainly due to the sluggish downstream demand and the impact of manufacturers' price adjustment

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