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Localized production of PPG aviation materials to revitalize the real economy is the basic product of a powerful country

"we have gradually realized localized production of aviation materials in the Asia Pacific and China." Paulbowman, general manager of PPG Aviation Materials Asia Pacific region, said in a recent interview with this newspaper in Beijing: "I believe it can provide more convenient and efficient services and technical support for the growing original equipment manufacturing and aircraft maintenance industry in this region."

it is reported that the company has mainly launched the external coating system for civil aircraft. The multi-layer coating meets the specifications of major aircraft OEMs and meets the special uses of different coatings required for the external surface of aircraft. It can optimize the adhesive force between internal coatings to the greatest extent, easy to construct and durable

in addition, PPG also launched cockpit window components and other glass products used in the aviation field. It is worth mentioning that with the continuous upgrading of the company's after-sales service for windshield glass in the Asia Pacific region, customers can calculate the mechanical property parameters of materials through the experimental curve, providing one-stop maintenance and renovation services for the aviation carriers and maintenance organizations in the region

ppg aviation material is mainly composed of PRC DeSoto and PPG aviation material aviation glass. PRC DeSoto is the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of aviation coatings, sealants, packaging and application systems. PPG aviation glass division is the world's largest supplier of aircraft windshield glass, aircraft windows and hatch covers

it is learned that in order to meet the rapidly developing aviation industry market demand in the Asia Pacific region, the company established an aviation material application support center in Suzhou in 2002. With the gradual expansion of its investment in China and the increasing demand in the Chinese market, Tianjin application support center was officially put into operation in 2010

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