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A variety of Cole Morgan Chinese videos were logged into Youku and Tudou. In October, 2011, with the continuous innovation of Cole Morgan products, Cole Morgan video materials became more and more abundant. Automated users can easily enjoy Coleman's precision motion control video on Youku () or Tudou (). After logging in, users only need to search Coleman to see relevant content

rich information, intuitive video materials, and an all Chinese language environment. Users can intuitively understand the appearance, performance, installation and system operation of our products. At present, Cole Morgan's videos include: installation of new frameless direct drive motor KBM, precision control of high-performance servo driver AKD and DDR direct drive motor on the dividing table, application of frameless direct drive motor of CDDR rigid polyurethane foam composite board external wall insulation system on the printing machine, and application of AKM motor in the packaging machine. The following are some representative Videos:

direct drive technology of Coleman coil processing equipment:

akd servo driver and DDR motor system demonstration:

with the development of global manufacturing industry, especially the upgrading of Chinese manufacturing industry, more and more automation users begin to pay attention to precision motion control technology, especially the application and development of servo products. As the world's leading supplier of servo products and technologies, colmorgan is always at the forefront of the industry. This time, colmorgan showed us the excellent performance of its products in the most intuitive way. The demonstration of AKD and DDR direct drive motor in the video is one of the representatives. Driven by AKD and DDR motors, the indexing table runs smoothly and accurately. Through the instrument, the audience can visually see that the system still operates accurately within the thickness of a piece of adhesive tape. Similarly, the application of CDDR modular direct drive motor of colmorgan in printing machinery can save users a lot of transmission devices, such as transmission belt, reducer, etc. These can be seen at a glance on the video

welcome to Youku and Tudou to enjoy the visual feast of motion control brought by Cole Morgan

introduction of colmorgen company

colmorgen is the world's leading operator. How to choose the well cover pressure testing machine? This article will support the suppliers of mobile control systems and accessories for everyone. With more than 60 years of professional experience in motion control design and development, Coleman provides breakthrough solutions with unparalleled performance, reliability and convenience. The company has the world-class motion control concept, industry-leading product quality, and the professional ability to integrate and customize products. It is committed to creating an undoubted market competitive advantage for machine manufacturers. For more information, please visit, or send an email to ina@, or call 400666. At the same time, it is also required that the thermal insulation material should have high temperature resistance 1802

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